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Welcome to Gonzos Flipperama

Welcome to Gonzo’s Pinball Flipperama!

If you’re a pinball enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. Our website is dedicated to the world of pinball machines, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and love of this classic arcade game.

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Sell Your Pinball Machine

If you’re looking to sell your pinball machine and don’t want the hassle of selling privately, you’ve come to the right place. We can normally collect your machine within a few days with funds in your bank on collection for pure peace of mind. Please feel welcome to get in touch. 

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Hire a Pinball Machine

Weather you’re looking to buy a pinball machine and want to experience what it’s like to own one or would like one for an event, get in touch. We have a network of pinball enthusiasts that hire their beautiful pinball machines for long or short term use. We also arrange the logistics for you, get in touch for details.

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Stern Jurassic Park Pro

3 Flipper game with varied shots, great animations and a T-Rex multiball that really gets the heart pounding. 

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Williams White Water 

Ramps galore. Three flipper game with an upper playfield and very friendly theme. Intermediate difficulty.   

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Hire 5

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Hire 5

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Hire 6

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Buy a NEw Pinball Machine

If you’re looking to buy a new Pinball Machine, take a look at the U.K.s leading NEW Pinball Machine retailer Pinball Heaven.

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Find a Pinball Machine

We know that pinball enthusiasts (or pinheads, as we like to call them) are a dedicated bunch, and that’s why we’ve built a network of pinheads in the UK, Europe, and the USA to help us find the rarest and most sought-after machines out there.

Whether you’re a seasoned pinball pro or just starting out, we’ll work with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for, and then set to work finding it. From classic machines to the latest releases, we’ll scour the globe to find your perfect match.

With our pinball sourcing service, we’re all about making the process fun and stress-free. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way, so you can sit back, relax, and wait for us to deliver your dream machine straight to your door, we also have the logistics covered to.

Feel free to get in touch, we’d be more than happy to help find your dream pin!

Find My Dream Pinball Machine

Pinball News, upcoming releases, mods, game play and tons of pinball pleasure!

the best of uk pinball

The U.K.’s Premier Pinball Retailer 

The best place to buy new pinball machines in the UK. Pinball Heaven offer an unrivalled warranty on new games and are the leading national distributor for a very good reason. 

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The UK’s ONLY dedicated pinball event!

If you haven’t been to UK Pinfest you’re missing out. With over 150 games, unique and rare machines, competitions for everyone and bags of fun it really is the highlight of the pinball calendar. 

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The Deadpool Challenge Standings

  1. Craig Pullen: 1,645,858,890
  2. Thomas (aka Fubar): 582,443,360
  3. Yuen Aw: 501,039,250
  4. Wayne Johns: 452,661,490
  5. Alan Adair: 451,465,250
  6. Chris (aka Ronsplooter): 119,005,310
  7. Marcus deCoverly : 99,427,560
  8. Alfie: 45,897,330


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Find A place to Play Pinball Near you

Find a place to play Pinball Near You

We’re currently building a list of fantastic Pinball venues where you can enjoy some of the worlds most incredible games including smaller Amusements and private arcades that only people in the know, know.

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Repairs & Restoration

We’re currently updating this part of our site with trusted repairers and highly experienced pinball restorers.

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