George Gomez

George Gomez is a pinball designer and game developer who is known for his contributions to the pinball industry, particularly during his time working for Bally and Williams. Throughout his career, Gomez has designed a number of innovative and popular pinball machines, earning a reputation as one of the most talented designers in the industry.

Early Life and Education

George Gomez was born on October 15, 1955 in California. As a child, he developed a love for pinball and arcade games, spending many hours playing games at his local arcade. He studied mechanical engineering at California State University and later attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he earned a degree in product design.

George Gomez Pinball with Deadpool Pinball Machine
George Gomez Pinball with Deadpool Pinball Machine by Stern.


Gomez began his career in the pinball industry in 1985 when he was hired by Bally as a game designer. His first game was “Ice Fever,” which was released in 1985 and featured a hockey theme. Gomez went on to design several more pinball machines for Bally, including “Fireball Classic” and “Black Rose.”

In 1995, Gomez left Bally to work for Williams, another leading pinball manufacturer. At Williams, Gomez designed several popular pinball machines, including “Monster Bash,” “Revenge from Mars,” and “Attack from Mars.” These games were praised for their innovative features and engaging gameplay, and they helped cement Gomez’s reputation as one of the top pinball designers in the industry.

Quality pinball playfield inspection by George Gomez
Pinball playfield inspection by George Gomez

After Williams closed its pinball division in 1999, Gomez continued to work in the gaming industry, designing games for companies like Stern Pinball, Disney, and WMS Gaming. He also co-founded the game development studio, Third Law Interactive, in 2001.

George Gomez and Pat Lawlor
George Gomez and Pat Lawlor, The Prolific Pinball Pair.

Gomez has won numerous awards for his work in the pinball industry, including multiple “Game of the Year” awards from the Amusement Machine Operators of America (AMOA) and the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA). He was also inducted into the Pinball Expo Hall of Fame in 2007.

Notable Pinball Machines

  • Ice Fever (Bally, 1985)
  • Fireball Classic (Bally, 1985)
  • Black Rose (Bally, 1992)
  • Monster Bash (Williams, 1998)
  • Revenge from Mars (Williams, 1999)
  • Attack from Mars (Williams, 1995)
  • Tron Legacy (Stern Pinball, 2011)
  • The Walking Dead (Stern Pinball, 2014)
  • Iron Maiden (Stern Pinball, 2018)

Personal Life

Gomez is married with two children and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Outside of work, he is an avid collector of pinball machines and arcade games, and he has a large collection of vintage games in his home.

In conclusion, George Gomez is a highly respected pinball designer who has made significant contributions to the gaming industry throughout his career. His innovative designs and engaging gameplay have helped shape the modern pinball landscape, and his work continues to be celebrated by pinball enthusiasts around the world.